Our Mission


When DiGiCo Marketing first began the world was a different place.  Social Media had just began to spring up, and the world was beginning to embrace the online world.  As Social Media and Online Marketing evolved, so did our company.  Originally DiGiCo Marketing was short for Digital Communications Marketing - which is still a large part of what we do.  But Today we also work with a variety of companies to distribute products and services around the globe with optimal efficiently.  This is where Distribution, Global Interests, and Compassion came from.  We build distribution networks worldwide, by helping people first.  Our aim is to improve lives around the globe and offer a solution to be free from poverty.


Our Mission is to meet the needs of the ever changing world.  One of those needs is helping people have their own home based business to create a back up plan for themselves and their families.  Some even make it into a full time income and beyond. If you are someone looking to make a change in your life, then reach out to us asap. 


Secondly, we believe in self care is the new health care, and that people can grow old gracefully and enjoy their lives for as long as they are here.  Through this interest we have access to some of the greatest health technology available today.  We have distribution rights for these products so reach out to us today if that is something of interest.



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